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The city of Edinburgh stands on the southern side of Scotland and is home to a population approaching half a million. Edinburgh is split into two main regions, with the New Town area standing to the north and the historic Old Town district to the south.

Edinburgh Orientation: Layout and Directions

Dating back to the 18th century, New Town Edinburgh is laid out as an organised matrix of roads, with spacious streets. This part of Edinburgh is home to the city's main business district and offers a good selection of hotels.

On the southern side of Edinburgh you will find the Old Town district, known for its medieval architecture, narrow alleyways and historical buildings. Famous landmarks in the Old Town area of Edinburgh include the Palace of Holyrood House, Edinburgh Castle and the Royal Mile. Other notable regions of Edinburgh include the coastal resort of Portobello to the east, the port of Leith to the northeast, and the nearby harbour village of Newhaven.

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Orientation and Map of Edinburgh

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